Free Metal Separation MOT at WASTE 18

By Paul Fears | 03 July 2018

On stand A at this week’s WASTE’18 Expo (Thursday, 5th July 2018, Warwickshire Event Centre, Leamington Spa, UK), we are are offering a free Metal Separation MOT.  With a Metal Separation MOT, our experienced engineers visits your site to review the positioning, set-up, strength, and separation performance of Magnetic Separators (eg Overband Magnets, Drum Magnets) and Eddy Current Separators.

Many plants operate metal recycling equipment that has been installed since the conception of the plant or has been in situ for many years.  Commonly, it is not unusual to find that the positioning and set-up of metal separation equipment has been changed.  Such changes occur during maintenance periods, equipment repair, or when there is a modification of the plant layout.

An independent external assessment enables a totally unbiased review.  At the end of the MOT, a report is prepared and submitted and this can form part of a company’s quality management.

For further information, please see us on stand A at the WASTE’18 expo.

At the show, Bunting and Master Magnets will be exhibiting and demonstrating the Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator and the Mastermag Eddy Current Separator.

Metal separation – Stainless Steel

Bunting Master Magnets at RWM17

The Stainless Steel Separator is commonly installed after primary Magnetic Separation and Eddy Current Separation and is used to remove either weakly magnetic materials from the primary product to produce a clean recycled material (eg UPVC window frames, recycled plastics, etc), or to recover valuable materials (eg stainless steel and PCBs).

Metal separation – Non Ferrous Metals


The Eddy Current Separator (ECS) is an advanced metal sorting unit that is capable of separating non-ferrous metals such as aluminium and copper from dry recyclables.  Non-ferrous separators are very common in the fast growing market of beverage can sorting, where they can provide an accurate separation of aluminium cans from waste streams.

With the new UK Government strategy for waste management, with a specific focus on plastic waste, this year’s WASTE’18 is expected to be busier than ever.

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