10PCB7HYD Hydraulic Permanent Overband Magnet

Overband magnets are suspended over conveyors to separate tramp ferrous metal, they are available as permanent and electromagnetic designs. Recent investment in manufacturing techniques and magnet technology have enabled us to offer the most comprehensive range of overband magnets with the highest levels of performance.

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Product: Permanent Overband Magnet (Hydraulic)
Model: 10PCB7HYD
Condition: New
Description: Two pulleys mounted either side of a strong permanent magnet block.  
Type: Across the conveyor belt and automatically self-cleaning (using a belt)
Drive: Hydraulic
Applications: Mobile recycling plant, recycling operations, quarries
Installation: Designed for suspension over a conveyor to lift and separate tramp ferrous metal.  Lifting lugs mounted on the frame for easy installation
Conveyor belt width: 1000mm
Burden depth: 150mm
Operating gap: 250mm
Drawing: Bunting 10PCB7HYD
Additional Details: https://www.bunting-redditch.com/product/overband-magnets/
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