Enhanced Metal Recovery with Bunting at IFAT 2024

By Paul Fears | 07 March 2024

Technology to effectively separate large and small ferrous and non-ferrous metal is the focus for Bunting at IFAT Munich 2024 (Messe Munchen, Germany, May 13-17).  Advanced designs of magnetic separators, eddy current separators and electrostatic separators separate strongly and weakly magnetic particles, enabling the successful recycling of a wide range of waste materials.

Separating stainless steel from shredded UPVC window frames on Buntings SSSC Magnetic Separator

On stand B6.241/340, Bunting is exhibiting the patented SSSC Stainless Steel Separator, the hugely successful ElectroMax Overband Magnet, and a range of Pulley Magnets.

The SSSC Stainless Steel Separator uses ultra-high magnetic fields to recover weakly magnetic metals previously lost to waste including fragmented stainless steel.  The SSSC is often the final stage of metal separation after the removal of strongly magnetic ferrous metals, with magnetic separators, and non-ferrous metals with eddy current separators.

The ElectroMax Overband Magnet, displayed on the stand at IFAT, fulfills the industry’s requirement for a strong and lightweight electromagnetic alternative to traditional permanent overband magnets.  Since the introduction of the ElectroMax, many waste recyclers have replaced weaker permanent overband magnets with the air-cooled electromagnets, resulting in improved levels of ferrous metal separation, especially with heavier metal objects.

Bunting ElectroMax Overband Magnets at an industrial waste recycling plant

Pulley Magnets replace the standard head pulleys of a conveyor and provide continuous separation of tramp ferrous metal from a conveyed product.  The Pulley Magnet is simple to install, requires minimal maintenance, and is ideal for when space is limited.  On the stand will be two strengths of Pulley Magnet.  The standard strength ferrite Pulley Magnet, which is used to separate general tramp ferrous metal, and the high-strength rare earth Pulley Magnet for separating smaller ferrous metals.

The Bunting team at IFAT includes Stefano Maiaroli (Sales Area Manager – Southern Europe), Joe Cetti, Tom Higginbottom, Patrick O’Keefe, Bradley Greenwood, and Marcel Graef from 3SMI GmbH (Bunting’s agent in Germany, Austria and Switzerland).  With multi-linguistic skills, the team is looking forward to assisting companies located across Europe.

“We [Bunting] have enhanced metal separation technology to solve specific operational challenges,” explained Bradley Greenwood, Bunting’s European Sales Manager.  “Our high-intensity magnetic separation technology enables the recovery of weakly magnetic metals, such as fragmented stainless steel.  Our ElectroMax Overbands provide enhanced separation of ferrous metals, increasing metal recovery and preventing damage to shredders and other plan.  On our stand at IFAT, our experienced European mainland-based team are present to help recycling companies find solutions to metal separation problems.”

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