Magnetic Separator Repair & Refurbishment Service

Bunting offers a full repair and refurbishment service for all of its customers.

Mechanical and electrical repairs are carried out at our UK site where we have a full range of processing equipment. We can offer an electromagnet coil rewinding or repair service that returns the magnet to an ‘as new’ condition.

Bunting understands that replacing machines that are no longer performing efficiently can be very costly and because of this, we feel that customers should be given the option to simply repair their existing machines, saving them a significant amount of money. Below there are some photos, which were taken of a previous Overband Separator that had been refurbished by Bunting for one of its customers.

Here are also some 'before and after' photos of a Fragmentiser Electro Drum that had been in operation for over 20 years. The Drum was sent to our Redditch facility for a complete refurbishment and is now back in operation at a steel recycling plant in Israel.

All magnetic separators that are sent in to us for refurbishment are fully restored and tested to ensure that they are working as well as brand new units.