Metal Detection

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QTA- Detector | Metal Detectors

Belt Conveyor Metal Separators are designed to pick up, detect and then reject any kind of metal from a belt conveyor system.

Belt Conveyor Metal Detectors

Coil inspecting bulk beef | Metal Detectors

Food Metal Detectors are designed to detect any kind of metal from a food processing or packaging system.

Food Metal Detectors

Bunting QuickTRON 03R Metal Detectors

Gravity free-fall style metal separators and metal detector are designed specifically to isolate and separate any contaminated material moving in the product flow.

Free Fall Metal Detectors

Bunting - QT03R and FF Drawer Metal Detection | Metal Detectors

Gravity free fall styles separators designed to isolate and separate any contaminated material moving within the product flow.

Cleaning Systems

P-tron 05 GM V1 Metal Detection | Metal Detectors

Pipeline Style Metal Separators are designed to pick up and then reject any kind of metal from an enclosed pipe system.

Pipeline Metal Detectors

Repair Service | Metal Detectors

Find out about the servicing, calibration, repair and refurbishment options available from Bunting.

Servicing, Calibration and Repair

profiLINE-04 Rebranded Metal Detection | Metal Detectors

Textile Metal Separators are designed to pick up, detect and then reject any kind of metal from a textile system.

Textile Metal Detectors

Industrial Metal Detectors

Bunting® Metal Detectors sense and remove the presence of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless metals in the process flow. These units also find metal encapsulated in the individual particle.

Successful detection and separation of metal will protect your processing equipment from damage, which saves your organisation money and downtime.

Innovative Triple Coil Design

Bunting Metal Detectors utilise a triple coil design for the search head. This is comprised of windings around an aperture opening, whether round, or rectangular. There is a transmitter in the centre, and two receivers (one at the entrance of the search head, and one at the exit). Within the aperture opening, an electromagnetic field is created. When a piece of metal passes through the coil opening, a signal is generated and calculated at each and activates further operations or devices.

Water-Resistant Epoxy and Other Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are highly sensitive pieces of equipment, and need to be protected from environmental interference such as vibration and other electrical fields.

All search heads are filled with catalysed epoxy. There are no empty voids inside the housing, thereby eliminating the possibility of water intrusion into the coil, making them easy to clean. This exclusive epoxy also reduces the effect of vibration on the search head. Coils and electronics can be rated from IP54 to IP66 and IP69K.

Additionally, the search head is manufactured with special shielding against outside interference. This allows Bunting Metal Detectors to perform better in difficult environments, and require shorter metal-free zones than our competition.

Quality Control

Depending on the level of electronics you select, Bunting Metal Detectors have recording and reporting functions within the software. Optional features allow your organisation to network detectors for remote monitoring, reporting or control.