Mining and Mineral Processing

Belt conveyor in an underground tunnel Transportation of ore to the surface

Most mines and mineral processing operations have one or more Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors to both remove/detect tramp metal (preventing process equipment damage) and to purify and enhance the quality of ores.



Technical articles

In several technical articles, Professor Neil Rowson explains the application of high-intensity magnetic separation in the mineral processing industry:

Typical Applications:

  • In Mining, heavy duty magnetic separators are used to remove large tramp metal from mined ores and to separate magnetic ores. This is achieved using
    • Electro and Permanent Overband Magnets – suspended over conveyed mined rock to lift and remove tramp metal for crusher and screen protection;
    • Pulley Magnets –replace head pulleys for enhanced tramp metal removal
    • Drum Magnets – ideal when the magnetic force requirement is higher, especially when separating magnetically susceptible ores;
    • Metal Detectors – the final stage of protection, identifying potentially damaging ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as digger teeth;


  • In Mineral Processing, high intensity magnetic separators are applied to purify non-metallic minerals and separate minerals of varying magnetic susceptibility. Bunting’s range of high-intensity magnetic separators is world-leading, with mineral testing available at the Redditch Customer Experience Centre in the UK.  The range of high-intensity magnetic separators includes
    • Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separators – ultra high magnetic fields generated by Neodymium Rare Earth magnets for separating weakly and para-magnetic minerals from silica sand, feldspar and other non-metallic minerals in a dry state;
    • Induced Roll Magnetic Separators - an electromagnetic version of the Rare Earth Roll Separator commonly used for more arduous applications such as abrasives and refractory minerals;
    • Magnetic Disc Separators (MDS) – a specialist high-intensity magnetic separator for processing materials including beach sands and Coltan;
    • Electro Magnetic Filters – electromagnetic high-intensity system for removing weak and fine magnetic particles from mineral slurries (e.g. silica sand, feldspar, clay) and ceramics slips and glazes;


Bunting’s Customer Experience Centre (Redditch, UK) has one of the world’s most complete laboratories for high-intensity magnetic separation for the mineral processing and mining industry.  Customers are invited to contact us to arrange controlled tests to determine separation capabilities.  Find out more on:


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