X-Ray Inspection Systems

X-Ray inspection systems are indispensable to quality control in the food and pharmaceutical industries due to the strict trade standards and health and safety requirments.

The inclusion of an X-Ray inspection system in a food or pharmaceutical manufacturing process ensures the quality and safety of the final packaged product.  The X-Ray easySCOPE detects both metallic and non-metallic impurities, including metal, glass, stone and plastic.

The easily installed and operated easySCOPE range features comprehensive data management, high-quality and low-maintenance components.


The easySCOPE X-Ray inspection system enables a far higher detection accuracy of stainless steel and wire-shaped contaminants and the ability to detect many non-metallic impurities, such as glass, stones and high-density plastics.  This maximises product safety.

Additionally, the easySCOPE provides a high level of reliable inspection of aluminum-packed products and other products with a similar strongly fluctuating product effect.

A large number of standard quality algorithms identify further product deficiencies.  The algorithms offer, among other things, the possibility to check the units per package for completeness.  Using masking functions, one can, for example, exclude locking clips from detection and, at the same time, monitor them for their presence.  Even missing or damaged product parts are easily identified using an integrity algorithm.

The easySCOPE design minimises maintenance requirements, with components like the X-ray generator and X-ray receiver easily accessed from the front.  Foldable radiation protection tunnels and the belt quick release feature ensure fast access to the examination area and rapid changing of the conveyor belt.

Configurable detection test functions for performance verification and comprehensive and complete data management ensure compliance with international production and retailer standards.  Due to the strict hygienic structure, the design allows for optimal system cleaning.

The easySCOPE features high flexibility through individually configurable components.  This includes different widths of conveyor belts, flexible adaptation of the system lengths to the local conditions, and product-specific reject systems such as pusher, air-jet, swivel arm or drop-flap.


In operation, electromagnetic waves are emitted by the generator and penetrate the product.  On the opposite side, the receiver diodes take up the non-absorbed radiation.  The recognition of the foreign body is then carried out based on the evaluation of the difference in density between product and contamination.  The recognition accuracy is several times higher than that of a conventional magnetic field-based metal detector, particularly in the case of aluminium-packed or other highly conductive products.

The necessity for an X-ray inspection system becomes apparent when considering the consequences of faulty product delivery.  Recall actions and recourse claims cause high financial losses and damage producer reputations.


easySCOPE ST Series

Designed especially for narrow products in the final packaging area, maintaining detection performance and throughput rate despite the compact design.

easySCOPE T Series

The latest addition to the series provides enhanced features, including reduced cleaning and maintenance work.  The optimised design of the T series offers easy integration, even with existing production lines.  Compared to the older models, the footprint has been significantly reduced, especially in critical areas.


The easySCOPE inspection systems meet the foreign body identification needs of companies producing and processing foods and pharmaceuticals.  Whether the contamination is metal, stone, ceramic, glass, or plastic, the easySCOPE identifies and alerts producers of the contamination, guaranteeing consumer safety and protecting brand identity.


Bunting – easySCOPE 250 ST Datasheet

Bunting – easySCOPE 400 Datasheet