Forklift Stabilising Magnets

Forklift Stabilising Magnets are designed to retain sheet steel loads, holding them against the forks during lifting or transportation.

The magnet system is constructed from low carbon steel. The former wound copper magnet coil is fixed into the magnet system & encapsulated in resin to insulate, protect from impact and prevent movement.


Inline with current health and safety regulations these magnets make a safer working environment avoiding accidents caused by loads falling off a forklift truck during operation. They also facilitate safe handling of wet or oil covered loads.

The Forklift Stabilising Magnets are Electromagnetic. This enables the operator to switch the magnets on and off dependant on whether ferrous loads are being carried or deposited.


Typical examples of applications are;
• Factories and warehouses - for securing wet or oil covered loads
• Outdoors - where rain and adverse weather can cause handling difficulties


There are three different types of stabilising magnets available. Bunting Redditch can supply a load stabilising magnet designed for use on either diesel, gas or electric powered forklift trucks.


Bunting - Forklift Loads Stabilising Magnets Datasheet