Aggregate and Quarrying

Tramp metal causes damage to conveyors, crushers, screens and other processing equipment.  Magnetic Separators are used to remove ferrous metal contamination.  Typical methods include:

  • Suspending a Permanent Overband or Suspension Magnet (i.e. self-clean or manual clean) or Electro Overband or Suspension Magnet across or indirection of the feed line. Metal is lifted off the conveyor belt and either held on the magnet face or automatically discharged;
  • Replacing a conveyor’s head pulley with a Pulley Magnet. Ferrous tramp metal is attracted to the magnetic field and deposited underneath the conveyor out of the product stream;
  • Feeding material onto a heavy-duty Drum Magnet. Magnetic material is attracted to the strong magnetic field and deposited underneath and away from the product;

Metal Detectors are commonly used alongside Magnetic Separators to detect tramp metal such as digger teeth (manganese steel).  Used in combination, Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors provide optimum protection.  This results in less production downtime and reduced maintenance and repair costs.

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