Food Processing

Food safety alerts announcing costly and reputation damaging product recalls due to the presence of metal are issued regularly by the Food Standards Agency.  The vast majority of these food safety warnings could have been prevented with the correct installation of metal removal and detection equipment.  Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors, designed specifically for the food and pharmaceutical industries, remove and detect metal during the manufacturing process and prior to the final product leaving the manufacturing facility.  Magnetic Separators use strong magnetic forces to attract and hold large (e.g. nuts and bolts) and fine (abraded stainless-steel) magnetic metal contamination.  Metal Detectors sense all ferrous and non-ferrous metal contamination present in the manufacturing process or once the food product is packed.  Once identified, the metal contaminated product will either be automatically or manually removed.


Technical Articles

Typical applications:


  • Removing ferrous metal (fine and coarse) from liquids, fluids and slurries with Liquid Pipeline Magnetic Separators fitted with high-intensity Neodymium Rare Earth Tube Magnets;
  • Cleansing powders and granules of iron contamination with both standard strength Ferrite and high-intensity Neodymium Rare Earth Tube and Grid Magnets, Plate Magnets, Inline Magnets, Bullet Magnets and Drum Magnets. The application and installation dictate the optimum design of magnetic separator;
  • Detecting ferrous and non-ferrous metals during the production process or once packaged prior to final despatch with a wide range of gravity-fed and conveyor mounted Metal Detectors;

Food Processing Industry Magnets