Two High Sensitivity Metal Detectors For Immediate Sale

By Paul Fears | 14 March 2019

We presently have two high sensitivity Metal Detectors in stock ready for immediate sale.  This design of Metal Detector offers complete protection against metal contamination in high risk products such as food (both loose and packaged) and pharmaceuticals.

Metal Detector

High sensitivity Metal Detector

Both available Metal Detectors are the model MDE-C.  “C” stands for the compact range, which has an all-in-one system search coil, electronics with integrated power supply and is available in the most popular sizes.

The Metal Detectors Specifications

Unit 1: MDE-C 70 x 25 (700mm x 250mm Aperture)

Unit 2: MDE-C 50 x 25 (500mm x 250mm Aperture)

  • Basic sensitivity levels (2mm Ferrous and 2.5mm Stainless Steel)
  • Stainless steel housing BS304/A151304
  • IP65 (Nema 4x) protection
  • Suitable for HACCP hygiene requirements
  • User friendly easy to use operator terminal
  • Output relays to operate alarm/stop conveyor
  • Phase angle adjustment for difficult products
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Stock Metal Detector Prices

Unit 1: MDE-C 70 x 25 (700mm x 250mm Aperture) – £4,915.00 (EXW plus VAT)

Unit 2: MDE-C 50 x 25 (500mm x 250mm Aperture) – £4,645.00 (EXW plus VAT)

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