Magnetic Solutions for Muscovite

Muscovite is a common mineral belonging to the mica group, known for its characteristic silvery to pale yellow colour and excellent cleavage. Muscovite has a wide range of uses, with many being within electronic components due to it's excellent dielectric properties, but its also used in the production of certain types of ceramics, glass, and paints.


Muscovite is a weakly magnetic mineral, meaning that a very strong magnetic field is needed to separate it from non-magnetic material. Magnetic separators like the Rare Earth Roll are needed as they are one of the world's highest-intensity permanent magnetic separators used to purify dry minerals and waste materials. It removes Ferromagnetic, paramagnetic, and weakly magnetic minerals from non-metallic materials.

Bunting Rare Earth Roll

Used to purify waste or recover valuable metals. The optimum particle size for the Rare Earth Roll is between 75 microns and 15mm.