New Food Sector Distributor in Turkey

By Paul Fears | 12 September 2023

Bunting has appointed Empathy as their Turkish distributor for magnetic separators, metal detectors, and X-Ray inspection systems in the food sector.  Empathy joins Bunting’s growing international distributor network.

Istanbul-based Empathy represents international companies in the food processing and packaging industry.  The company provides complete processing and packaging solutions for food and beverage producers.

Polyana Horoz, founder of Empathy
Polyana Horoz founder of Empathy

Turkey is a globally leading food producer, supplying local internal markets as well as exporting to Europe and many other countries.  Bunting has an expanding range of magnetic separators, metal detectors and X-Ray inspection systems find and remove contamination during the processing and after packaging of a food or drink product.  These food safety processes are essential when supplying larger European retailers including Aldi, Marks & Spencer, and Tesco.

Ensuring Metal-Free Food

The diverse range of magnetic separators used in the food processing enables the capture of small and large tramp ferrous metal, such as nails, screws, and rust.  Most magnetic separators used in food manufacturing use ultra-strong Neodymium rare earth magnets, which capture weakly magnetic contamination such as abraded stainless steel.

Although the most common location for Metal Detectors in a food processing plant is prior to and after packing or containerisation, the technology also features at many earlier stages within the process.  Metal Detectors play a key role in most food processing operations, using high-sensitivity coils to detect a wide range of metal contamination.  Many metal detectors include automated reject systems to eject contaminated food products, whether loose or in packaging.

“The experience and industry-knowledge of the Empathy team provides the perfect platform the develop business in Turkey,” explained Bradley Greenwood, Bunting’s European Sales Manager.  “This is another exciting opportunity for Bunting to further expand our sales overseas.”

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