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FF Drawer Filter Magnets

 MAGNET  Neodymium
 STRENGTH  5,000 gauss (option for higher gauss)
 SIZES(mm)  100, 150, 200, 250, 300
 SIZES(in)  4, 6, 8, 10, 12
 CONVEYING  Gravity Flow & Choke Feed
 SEPARATES  Ferrous & Abraded Stainless Steel
 TEMPERATURE  200°C (392°F)


Bunting-FF-Drawer_High Temperature

High Temperature

Rated up to 200ºC (392ºF) for high-temp processing.


Self Cleaning

Magnetic drawer insert removes ferrous particles with nylon wipers.

Bunting-FF-Drawer_Drawer Lock

Drawer Lock

Prevents magnets from being cleaned while in line.



Effective Metal Separation: The FF Drawer Magnet effectively separates and holds metal contaminants, preventing them from entering processing equipment.

Easy Cleaning: The stainless-steel dust-tight welded housing allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime.

Durable Construction: 3mm (11 ga.) steel housing can support symmetrical compression loads up to 4.5 tonnes.

Efficient Design: Two rows of 25mm (1") tubes maximise the magnetic circuit, allowing material to flow freely.

EPDM Gasket: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber gaskets resist heat ageing and compression set.

Customisable: Customisation options are available to meet specific application requirements.

Compliance: Bunting's FF Drawer Magnet meets relevant industry standards and regulations for magnetic separation equipment.


Purge Hopper: Speeds cleaning of your equipment when changing colour or compound without sacrificing magnetic protestation.

Dump Tube: Allows operator to completely empty the drawer housing and material hopper of plastic after the job is completed.

Liquid Port: Promotes quick addition of colour additive into the resin. Port may also be used to hold temperature probe.

Powder Seal Kit: Provides a compression seal around the Slide Gate to prevent leaking of powdery materials.



The Bunting FF Drawer Filter Magnet has been a staple in the plastics industry for over 50 years and is an essential tool for ensuring product purity and operational efficiency in the plastics industry. Specifically designed to target the removal of ferrous contaminants from plastic materials in free-fall applications, this drawer filter magnet is integral to maintaining the integrity of your products and protecting your machinery. The FF Drawer Filter Magnet features powerful rare earth magnetic cartridges that capture and hold even the smallest ferrous particles, offering superior protection against contamination in plastics processing.

Constructed with durable stainless steel housing, the Bunting FF Drawer Filter Magnet is seamlessly integrated into existing plastic processing lines. Its easy-to-clean drawer system allows for quick and efficient maintenance, reducing downtime and boosting productivity. This versatile drawer filter magnet accommodates various flow rates and can handle a wide range of plastic materials, making it the ideal solution for manufacturers aiming to enhance product quality and adhere to stringent safety standards. Invest in the Bunting FF Drawer Filter Magnet to optimise your plastics processing and ensure contaminant-free products.