6 Inline Magnets for Plastics Producer

By Paul Fears | 31 March 2020

Six (6) Inline Magnetic Separators (PIMS) are due to be installed in a UK plastic production facility.  The project originated from a discussion at the Interplas exhibition in 2017.

In Line Magnetic Separators
Welded and fabricator, Bob, holding a completed In Line Magnetic Separator

The Inline Magnetic Separator offers great versatility with ease of installation and maintenance.  Inside the tube-like body is a strong Plate Magnet.  This ensures that there is no restriction to the flow of material without compromising on the separation of metal contamination.

The Function of the Inline Magnetic Separators

At this plastics product manufacturing plant, the customer needed to protect six (6) injection moulding machines from potential damage.  The magnetic separators would be removing magnetically susceptible materials from the 3mm plastic pellet feed.  Commonly, FF Drawer Filter Magnets are used in such installations, but there was an issue with height above the injection moulding machines.

Six In Line Magnetic Separators
Six Inline Magnetic Separators ready for packing

During an onsite plant review, the ideal location was identified.  The six (6) vertical feed pipes, earlier in the process, provided good access for installation and regular cleaning.

Inline Magnet Design

Each Inline Magnet has a high strength Neodymium Rare Earth Plate Magnet.  This projects a strong magnetic field into the flow of plastic pellets, attracting rogue ferrous metal contamination.  The metal is held on the surface of the Plate Magnet.  Periodically, on a frequency defined by the level of metal contamination, the Plate Magnet is hinged out of the product feed and cleaned.

In Line Magnet
Metal captured on the face of an Inline Magnet

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