Bunting Attracts Crowds at IFAT 2024

By Paul Fears | 21 May 2024

There was a constant stream of visitors on Bunting’s stand at the IFAT Munich 2024 (13-17 May).  Bunting’s multinational team from the UK, Germany, Italy, and the USA talked metal separation with visitors from around the world.

Buntings team on the stand at IFAT

IFAT is the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management.

“IFAT provided the perfect platform to meet existing and potential new clients,” explained Bradley Greenwood, Bunting’s Head of European and International Sales.  Bradley was joined on the stand at IFAT by Tom Higginbottom, Joe Cetti, Stefano Maiaroli, Chuck Galusha, and Bunting’s local representation Marcel Graef from 3SMI.

Specialist Magnetic Separators

On Bunting’s stand, visitors were able to see production-sized magnetic separators including an ElectroMax Overband Magnet, a SSSC Stainless Steel Separator, and a standard and high strength Pulley Magnet.

“With the displays we could demonstrate the differences in magnetic power between the ferrite and neodymium Pulley Magnets.  Then visitors were shown the SSSC Stainless Steel Separator, with the extreme magnetic force that enables the separation of weakly magnetic stainless steel.  Physically experiencing those magnetic forces makes it easier to explain in terms of metal separation,” said Bradley.

Visitors were shown how the magnetic power of the SSSC Stainless Steel Separator attracted weakly magnetic fragmented stainless steel as large as 180mm.

In April 2024, Bunting reported the sale of over 120 ElectroMax Overband Magnets since the launch in April 2019.  The lightweight, compact but powerful Overband Magnet has become many companies preferred magnetic separator.

“The compact nature of the ElectroMax Overband Magnet took many visitors by surprise,” said Bradley.  “Not only is the ElectroMax ultra powerful, but it is also environmentally-friendly with no requirement for oil to cool the electromagnetic coils.  Increasingly, recycling companies are choosing the ElectroMax ahead of permanent overband magnets due to increased metal recovery and separation without a substantial increase in size and weight.”

The Bunting team wish to thank everyone who visited the stand at IFAT.

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