Electromax Overband Magnet

The ElectroMax range is 185% stronger than equivalent Permanent Overband Magnets and 25% lighter. The development responds to customers’ requests for smaller, lighter and more compact Electro Overband Magnets without compromising separation performance.

Key Features

  • The ideal add-on solution for mobile equipment
  • Air cooling of the magnetic system and transformer rectifier eliminates any oil or conservator tanks
  • Switching off power to the ElectroMax deactivates its magnetic field allowing for easier, more convenient maintenance between operations
  • Welded construction provided with eye bolts for precise positioning using suspension slings


The ElectroMax is a lightweight and powerful Overband Magnet and is ideal for applications where space is limited or when extra separation power is required. The ElectrMax is supplied either as a Suspension Magnet (for manual cleaning) or with a self-cleaning belt, which rotates around the magnet to transfer and automatically discharge captured metal. As with a Permanent Overband Magnet, the ElectroMax uses a simple frame with the cleaning belt driven and guided by two pulleys instead of four (as used for larger standard Electro Overband Magnets). This significantly reduces the overall weight and size. In addition, unlike other designs of Electro Overband and Suspension Magnets, the coil of the ElectroMax Overband Magnet is cooled by air, eliminating the need for any conservator tanks.

The ElectroMax offers many benefits, especially when compared with Permanent Magnet designs. Unlike permanent magnet designs, the additional magnetic separation power is generated by an electromagnetic field, which can be turned off when needed. This is useful during installation and when undertaking plant maintenance.

Average comparisons between the new range of ElectroMax and the Permanent Overband equivalents show a 185% increase in magnetic power (the Force Index) matched by a weight reduction of 25%.

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Demonstrating the ElectroMax Overband Magnet’s Power


Electro Overband Magnets separate tramp ferrous metal from conveyed bulk materials. An electromagnetic coil generates a magnetic field directed down into the product flow of the conveyor. Any tramp metal entering the field is attracted and lifted out of the burden. On self-clean designs, where a belt is moving around the magnet, the tramp metal is transferred away from the conveyor and deposited in a collection area.


The ElectroMax Overband Magnet is ideally suited for any application where there are weight and size suspension limitations. Traditionally, mobile plant such as screens and crushers use Permanent Overband Magnets for tramp metal removal. For more difficult tramp metal separation applications, additional magnetic power is required. The ElectroMax provides this boosted separation force whilst remaining compact and light, two important features for any mobile plant.

The ElectroMax electromagnetic coil produces a high gradient magnetic field that, for one specific model, is up to 250% more powerful than its equivalent Permanent Overband Magnet. This enables the removal and separation of smaller and more challenging shapes of iron contaminants often missed by Permanent Overband Magnets. The additional magnetic strength also aids the lifting and removal of heavier tramp ferrous metals.





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