Dirk Mylich Appointed Bunting’s European Recycling Product Manager

By Paul Fears | 28 September 2020

Dirk Mylich has assumed the new position of Bunting’s European Recycling Product Manager.  The appointment reflects the ever-growing importance of environmental management in Europe and the necessity of employing technology to successfully recover and recycle secondary materials such as metal and plastic.

Dirk Mylich Bunting recycling product manager
Dirk Mylich

Since graduating as an engineer in waste management at the University of Applied Science Magdeburg-Stendal in Germany, Dirk has acquired over 13 years of experience working for recycling technology companies.  Since 2008, his focus has been on material separation, including implementing best-practice methods for metal separation in secondary metal recycling operations in both North America and Europe.

In recent years, Bunting has developed a reputation in the recycling and waste sector as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of metal separation and recovery technology.  The extensive equipment portfolio includes high-intensity magnetic separators to recover fragmented stainless-steel; eddy current separators to separate both large and small non-ferrous metals, and the new electrostatic separator for enhanced separation of fine metals such as copper wire and other small metal particles.  Product development is ongoing with new metal separators scheduled for release in 2021.

Separation equipment for the Recycling Industry

“Our business in the recycling sector continues to grow, especially as we develop enhanced metal separation technology,” explained Simon Ayling, Bunting’s European Managing Director.  “The appointment of Dirk brings additional knowledge and expertise to our sales team.  From his base in Germany, Dirk will provide local support for our existing and potential customers in the region.  He will also support our network of sales people and representatives across Europe.  It is another exciting appointment for Bunting.”

Dirk joins Christopher Gabriel and Stefano Maiaroli in Bunting’s expanding European mainland-based sales team.

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