42 Inline Magnets Keep Baby Food Metal Free

By Paul Fears | 06 October 2020

A German baby food producer has purchased forty-two (42) stainless-steel Inline Magnets to remove tramp ferrous metal.  The food-producer has installed the 42 magnetic separators in all their European manufacturing plants.

Bunting Inline Magnet
Inline Magnet

Inline Magnets easily fit into existing pneumatic (up to 15 psi) or gravity-fed pipelines transporting foodstuffs.  The fabricated pipe-shaped body includes suitable ends to connect with existing pipework.  A strong Rare Earth Neodymium Plate Magnet, mounted centrally on one side of the body, captures any small and large ferrous metal.

As the Baby Food has chunks of vegetables and meat, it was important that there was no restriction to the product flow preventing damage to the food and blockages.  With the Inline Magnet there is no restriction to the product flow.

Bunting In Line Magnetic Separators
Inline Magnet bodies during manufacture

Separating Metal Contamination

In this particular project, baby food passes through the body of the Inline Magnet and any ferrous or weakly magnetic materials are attracted by the strong magnetic field and then held against the face of the Plate Magnet.

The Plate Magnet features a tapered step, which intensifies the magnetic force, whilst also providing a collection area to collect and hold rogue metal contamination out of the product flow.

42 Inline magnets keep baby food metal free
Plate Magnet under construction for the Inline Magnet

Periodically, the captured metal is cleaned off the face of the Plate Magnet.  Access for cleaning is simple and quick, with the Plate Magnet swinging away from the body on reinforced hinges.

Magnetic Separators for the Food Industry

Inline Magnets are part of the wide range of magnetic separators designed for use in the food industry. The range includes designs for wet and dry products, as well as belt, gravity and pneumatically conveyed foodstuffs.

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