Headline Sponsors of Waste 18

By Paul Fears | 21 June 2018

Master Magnets and Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd have been announced as the headline sponsors of this year’s WASTE’18 exhibition.

“As a combined force, we are now able to offer a complete metal separation solution to companies recycling waste and WASTE’18 is the ideal platform to meet new and existing customers,” explained Jonathan Millington, Master Magnets’ Marketing Manager.  “Also, as the headline sponsors we want to highlight our commitment to this exciting and growing exhibition.”

WASTE’18 exhibition in Birmingham

WASTE’18 is taking place at the Warwickshire Event Centre, south of Birmingham, UK, on July 5th.  It is the fifth year of the continually expanding annual exhibition for the waste and recycling sectors.  The event takes place during a time of increasing concern about the management of waste.

On stand A, right next to the entrance, visitors will be treated to metal separation demonstrations on the very successful Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator and the popular Eddy Current Separator.

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“Rather than tell visitors what our magnetic separators will separate, we want to show what is possible.  Despite many successful installations, people still do not believe that we have a Magnetic Separator with a strong enough magnetic field to separate weakly magnetic Stainless Steel.  The proof is when we show stainless steel being attracted and dragged under the magnet roll and separated from non-magnetic material,” said Jonathan.

The Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator is commonly installed as one stage in a metal separation process:

Stage 1:  Removal of larger ferrous metals using Overband Magnets, Drum Magnets and Pulley Magnets;

Stage 2:  Recovery of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and zinc using an Eddy Current Separator;

Stage 3:  Separating weakly magnetic materials such as Stainless Steel on the HISC or SSSC;

“WASTE’18 has grown since the original conception and we expect the number of visitors to rise with the move to the Warwickshire Event Centre.  This is an exciting time for us.”

For additional information on Master Magnets exhibiting at WASTE’18 or for any Magnetic Separator or Metal Detection requirement, please contact us on:

Email: sales.redditch@buntingmagnetics.com

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Telephone:  +44 (0) 1527 65858

Bunting at RWM17

Magnetic Separators and Eddy Current Separators operating on the Bunting and Master Magnets stand at the RWM17 exhibition (Sept 17)

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