• Stainless Steel Construction
  • Easy to Install & Clean
  • Food Grade Available
  • Atex Approved
  • Manufactured in the UK



Bunting Magnetics offers a comprehensive range of industry leading inline magnets to remove ferrous metal contamination.

Inline Magnet
Offering world class performance and manufactured in the UK to offer exceptional magnetic strength and durability, along with exceptional cost effective metal removal. Our range of Inline Magnets are proven with extensive use around the world in a wide range of industries.


High Strength Removal of Metal Contamination

The Bunting Magnetics range of In-Line magnets offers

  • Suitable for Gravity or Pneumatic Systems.
  • Strong, Durable Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Available with Extremely Powerful Rare Earth Magnets.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Food Grade Available.
  • Manufactured in the UK.
  • Atex Approved.

Bunting Magnetics offer 3 major groups of In-Line Magnets:

  • Pneumatic In-Line Magnets (PIM)

Pneumatic In-Line Magnets are manufactured from Stainless Steel and use extremely powerful Rare Earth Magnets for use in pneumatic conveying systems. The powerful magnet does not compromise the product flow and it swings out from the body for easy cleaning. A range of standard sizes are available for easy fitting and these powerful magnets are suitable for most industries.

  • Centre-Flow In-Line Magnets (CFM)

Centre Flow Magnets are designed to offer the maximum contact with product flow, with a powerful conical magnet suspended in the centre of the flow. Manufactured from durable stainless steel and capable of operating in pneumatic conveying systems these powerful magnets offer the maximum protection, where some compromise of product flow is acceptable. Available in range of standard sizes and magnet options.

  • Gravity In-Line Magnets (GIM)

Gravity In Line Magnets utilise either deep reach Ceramic or extremely powerful Rare Earth Magnets where material is under Gravity Flow. The solid Stainless Bodies are designed to operate in all industries and Food Grade is available as option. The Magnets are easy to clean and utilise our step pole piece to maximum ferrous removal. A range of standard sizes are available.



Pneumatic In-Line Magnets

  • Designed for zero obstructions to product flow.
  • Quick-Fit fittings for quick, simple in-line installation.
  • For dilute phase conveying up to 15 psi.
  • Ideal for horizontal installation applications.
  • Product Flow is 100% covered by the powerful magnetic field.
  • Rare Earth (Tapered Step Plate) magnets fitted as standard.
  • Simple Swing Arm mechanism makes for simple magnet cleaning.
  • Available in Food and Sanitary Grades.
Model No. A* B C D E F G
PIM-2-CR 50 864 100 25 150 92 140
PIM-2-NE 50 812 100 25 150 85 140
PIM-3-CR 75 914 100 75 150 146 140
PIM-3-NE 75 812 100 75 150 111 140
PIM-4-CR 100 914 150 87 200 171 140
PIM-4-NE 100 812 150 87 200 146 140
PIM-5-CR 125 104 200 100 250 257 140
PIM-5-NE 125 965 200 100 250 171 140
PIM-6-CR 150 1937 300 100 350 282 177
PIM-6-NE 150 1320 300 100 350 196 177
PIM-8-CR 200 1549 350 125 400 374 177
PIM-10-CR 250 1651 400 165 457 425 177
PIM-10-NE 250 1447 400 165 457 316 177





  • Plastics and Plastics Recycling
  • Food Industry
  • Grain and Milling Industry
  • Powder and Bulk Handling


Additional Info

In-Line Magnets

The In-Line Magnet range from Bunting Magnetics have been designed to work when the processing line that they are installed into feature dry products that are either gravity or pneumatic fed.

Integrated into the design are strong permanent magnets and their aim is to minimise or eliminate metal contaminants from the product in question whilst maximising ferrous metal removal.  When installed, they can greatly improve the purity and quality of various products found in industries such as plastics, powders, food and pharmaceutical.

Gravity In-Line Magnets (GIM)
The In-Line magnet range utilises another of Bunting’s magnets to make it all the more effective. In this case it’s the plate magnets that are incorporated and they are placed in round, sloping spouting where the relevant materials are under gravity flow. When the material moves through the separator, the plate magnet does its work and draws in and then holds magnetic particles until the next cleaning is needed. This all happens without constricting the flow of product on the line.

Pneumatic In-Line Magnets (PIM)
Although pneumatic In-Line Magnets are similar to their Gravity In-Line stablemates, the pneumatic versions have been specifically pressure tested to operate in pneumatic based conveying systems. Installation is simple and there is the added option of being able to use compression couplings. These magnets work at their very best when the plate magnet is situated on the underside of a horizontal run.

Both of the above options (Gravity and Pneumatic) are compatible with either rare earth or ceramic magnets and the strong magnetic field will cover the whole of the product flow. The plate magnets are on hinges, which makes any scheduled or unscheduled cleaning really easy – the hinges can be swung out, away from the production line and any ferrous debris that has been collected can be wiped away.

Centre-Flow In-Line Magnets (CFM)
Bunting’s Centre Flow In-Line Magnets might also be known as Bullet Magnets. It’s easy to see where this ‘moniker’ has come from when you see the large magnet in the shape of a bullet or torpedo which is suspended in the middle of the flow inside the pipe design. It is this bullet shaped magnet that attracts any magnetic debris as the dry, free flowing materials pass through the magnetic separator. The contaminants are then held in place until the system needs cleaning. As the Centre Flow In-Line magnet engages with the product flow, a stainless steel nose cone diverts the material flow towards and around the bullet magnet which ensures that the optimum level of metal separation can be achieved. To work at their best, these magnets should be installed in a vertical run. With a hatch on the side, the bullet magnet can be accessed easily for both inspection and cleaning purposes.

Different applications with different product types, product flows and densities are all likely to require various versions of the In-Line Magnet. If you are not quite sure which model of the magnet is best suited to your environment, then the team at Bunting will be happy to give you any advice and guidance required.