Junction City Mining Installs Overband Magnet in US Quarry

By Paul Fears | 01 October 2019

One of the largest quarries in the US state of Georgia is protecting their processing plant against damage from tramp ferrous metal by installing a Bunting PCB1206-EL Permanent Crossbelt Separator.

Overband Magnets Junction City Mining

Junction City Mining helps build bridges in the US southeast by supplying high-quality aggregate materials for construction. The company required a massive structure to handle the minerals the company supplies for asphalt and concrete to construction companies throughout the states of Florida and Georgia.

Custom-designed Permanent Overband Magnet

After a review on site, Bunting’s engineers proposed a custom-designed Permanent Overband Magnet. In operation, the Model PCB1206-EL Overband Magnet extracts 11 kg lumps of tramp metal at a time from conveyed crushed granite. The conveyor is carrying between 4 to 500 tonnes of granite per hour. The Overband Magnet removes tramp ferrous metal such as wear parts, bolts, and other scrap.

Junction City Overband Installation Metal

“It’s pulling blasting caps and all the dimensional tramp we were expecting,” said Josh Conrad, mine engineer and superintendent of Junction City Mining.

The powerful magnet block of the permanent crossbelt separator is mounted in a heavy-duty steel frame. Tramp ferrous metal is attracted up from the conveyor towards the magnet block. The tramp metal is then automatically transferred to a waste collection area by a continuously running vulcanized, cleated belt running on two crowned pulleys across the main conveyor. The self-cleaning system minimises maintenance and downtime.

“This is another great export order for us,” said Adrian Coleman, the General Manager of Bunting’s Redditch operation. “We are working closely with Rich Evangelista and the Bunting team in the US to open up new opportunities for UK-made magnetic separation equipment.”

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