New High Temperature Drawer Filter Magnet

By Paul Fears | 14 October 2019

Bunting is launching the FF350, a new Drawer Filter Magnet designed for use in high temperature applications, at the K2019 Show (16-23 October 2019 Dusseldorf, Germany).

FF350 Drawer filter magnet
The new FF350 Drawer Filter Magnet

The FF Series of Drawer Filter Magnets collect and separate ferrous metal contamination from gravity fed, dry, free flowing materials.  Mounted inside the outer housing are extremely strong Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets which attract and hold any magnetically-susceptible contamination.  FF Drawer Filter Magnets are used extensively in the plastics sector prior to moulding and extrusion, and also in the processing of secondary plastic.

FF350 High-Temp Drawer Magnet

The FF350 High-Temp Drawer Magnet answers the growing demand from both OEMs and end-user customers for processing material at higher temperatures.  Higher temperatures promote plastic clarity and performance, particularly in injection moulding.  However, neodymium rare earth magnets are susceptible to permanent damage if exposed to excessive heat, significantly reducing magnetic strength and the capability to separate fine ferrous magnetic particles.

During the design phase, Bunting’s engineering team reviewed all aspects of the Drawer Filter Magnet, assessing the areas of risk when exposed to high temperatures.  Magnetic integrity was vital and to maintain the magnetic strength and separation capability, the FF350 features special high temperature-compensated rare earth magnets.

FF grate magnet
A Bunting Magnetics Europe FF Grate Magnet included in a plastics production line at the Polymer Training and Innovation Centre in Telford

Within the rugged housing, the design team made a number of changes.  Polycarbonate is suitable for working temperatures of up to 130° C and replaced the standard Lexan used for the viewing window.  The easy-release, high-torque door knobs are suitable for temperatures up to 175° C.  The housing is built to support symmetrical 4500kg compression loads and stainless-steel centre drawer guides make removal and re-installation of the magnet drawer for cleaning quick and easy.

The FF350 drawer gasket is made from Viton sponge material, which is rated to 200° C maximum temperature and resists heat aging and compression set.  Polysulfone material is used on the front of the FF350, resisting intermittent temperatures up to 175°C.

A key feature of the new design is the ability for customers to easily upgrade existing units.  The design of the FF350 housing is the same as a standard model, and existing users can purchase drawers and other accessories separately to upgrade their FF Drawer Magnets into a FF350.

The FF350 is a valuable addition to the FF Drawer Filter Magnet range.

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