Plastics Positivity at K2019

By Paul Fears | 28 October 2019

The atmosphere at the K2019 Trade Fair (Dusseldorf, Germany 16-23 October 2019) was very positive despite the increasing global negativity surrounding the plastics industry and plastic waste.

The Team at K2019
Bunting Team at K2019

“The past two years has been a challenging period for the plastics sector,” said Simon Ayling, Bunting’s European Managing Director.  “The K2019 show gave the industry the opportunity to illustrate that action is being taken to address the concerns of the public.”

K2019 claims to be the world’s number one trade fair for plastics and rubber, attracting a global network of exhibitors and visitors.  At the 2019 exhibition and conference, there was a major focus on environmental issues and the future of plastics.

“There is a great deal of misinformation about plastics and plastic waste,” said Simon, “and the K2019 show gave experts the opportunity to explain the facts.”

Ensuring Plastic and Plastic Waste is Metal-Free

The Bunting stand focused on addressing and solving the problem of metal contamination in virgin plastic manufacturing and when processing plastic waste.

FF 350 Drawer Filter Magnet
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In virgin plastic and plastic product manufacturing processes, the effective removal of metal contamination protects machinery against damage and also reduces end-product defects and, thus, waste.

“Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors provide simple and cost-effective solutions to eradicate metal contamination,” said Simon.  “Our experienced engineers offer companies guidance on the optimum design of metal separator and the most practical location.”

At K2019, Bunting launched the new High Temperature FF350 Drawer Filter Magnet.  The FF350 Model answers the growing demand from both OEMs and end-user customers for processing material at higher temperatures.

A Recycling Focus

Plastic waste is commonly contaminated with other materials such as metal.  Removing the problematic metal is an important step in the process of converting waste into a useable and valuable secondary material.

“As with all waste, contamination is a major issue,” explained Simon  “At K2019 we spoke with many companies handling plastic waste.  They need to remove ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel from their plastic waste before the end-product has a value and market.”

Many visitors to the Bunting stand have agreed to send samples to the Recycling Test Facility in the UK for controlled tests to prove separation capabilities.

“We have a busy few months of testing ahead,” said Simon.

The Outlook for Plastics

The message from the K2019 Trade Show was clear:  Plastic is still one of the most versatile and useful materials on the planet.  However, changes are needed to address concerns over the environmental impact of plastic waste.

“The global management of all waste, and not just plastic waste, needs improving,” said Simon.  “It is important than the plastics industry, governments and the general public work together to develop sustainable plans for the long-term future.”

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