Magnetic Liquid Trap – 4″ Food Grade

Our cartridge design magnetic liquid filters or Magnetic Traps are designed to ensure maximum contact is made between product and the magnetic fields by forcing liquids through a tightly spaced grid of magnets. These Cartridge Style Magnetic Liquid Filters are engineered for use with non-fibrous fluids. Ferrous contamination is magnetically extracted from the liquid flow by the extremely powerful Rare Earth magnet design  and held firmly on the cartridge surfaces. Simply and quickly cleaned by removing the magnetic lid assembly from the filter housing and wiping off the collected metal particles.


Product: 4″ Food Grade Magnetic Liquid Trap
Model: CMLT-4-C-F – with high-strength rare earth magnets
Condition: New
Description: Ferrous metal removal from liquid and slurry pipelines
Type: Food Grade, Cartridge style, Clean in place design.
Applications: Food, Liquids
Installation: Easily connected into existing pipework and ideal for removing small ferrous particulates from liquids and slurries
Pipe Diameter (OD): 101.6mm (4 inches)
Ends: Flanged
Drawing: Bunting CMLT-4-C-F
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