Metal Detector TN77

  • Detection of tramp iron & manganese steel including non-magnetic digger teeth.
  • Reliable protection against machinery damage
  • Simple to operate with fully adjustable sensitivity and detection levels
  • Capable of overlooking non-magnetic, copper-alloy belt fasteners

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Product: TN77 Conveyor Belt Metal Detector
Model: TN77 Adjustable
Condition: New
Description: Tunnel metal detector unit that is generally installed onto conveyor systems
Type: Tunnel detector
Applications: Aggregates & Mining
Installation: Designed for installation around a conveyor to detect tramp metal including ferrous metals and most non-magnetic digger teeth.
Sensing Width: 1200mm or less
Aperture Height: 300-450mm Adjustable
Datasheet: Bunting TN77 Metal Detector
Additional Details: TN77-conveyor-belt-metal-detector
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