The closed tunnel-type meTRON 07 CI Metal Detector provides high-sensitivity detection of encapsulated or loose tramp metal present in conveyed materials as well as chutes.  Once detected, the problematic metal is removed either manually or automatically, preventing damage to processing equipment and ensuring optimum quality control.


The meTRON 07 CI Metal Detector automatically and continuously detects all tramp metal (ferrous, stainless-steel, aluminium, copper, brass, etc) in non-metallic and non-conductive materials.  The detector head features integrated electronic control electronics.

The meTRON 07 CI is a tailored system solution using reliable conveying technology and selected accessories.  There are a wide range of aperture sizes (through which the conveyor or chute feeds) to suit specific customer requirements.  This model of metal detector is commonly used for quality inspection to meet the requirements of ISO9000, HACCO, IFS, BRC, SQF and other standards.

Special versions are available including explosion proofing, high temperature and special power supplies.

Optional extras include:

  • Test spheres;
  • Warning device;
  • WiFi;
  • Remote reset button;
  • Conveyor systems with controls;
  • Eject systems;


As with other Metal Detectors, on detecting any tramp metal a signal is generated in the search coil and transmitted to the control unit.  This signal is processed and used to control other circuits, which include the interlocking of the belt conveyor, operating audible or visual alarms, belt interlocking, marking devices or automatic rejection mechanisms.

Typical tramp metal detected includes:

  • Washers
  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Wire
  • Swarf


The meTRON 07 CI is designed as a high-sensitivity metal detector for clean environments such as food processing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


meTRON 07Ci Datasheet