Shredder Feeder Conveyors

Shredder Feeder and Discharge Conveyors, with an integrated magnetic separator or metal detector, provide optimum controlled product feed to and metal damage protection for a shredder or granulator.  Ideal for the reprocessing of in-house plastic rejects, plastic waste in a recycling plant, and in primary and secondary wood processing plants.


The Shredder Feeder and Discharge Conveyor is a bespoke designed and built heavy-duty system that evenly delivers a range of plastic materials (e.g. in-house rejects, secondary collected plastic waste) and timber into a shredder or granulator.

Mounted on the Shredder Feeder and Discharge Conveyor is a Magnetic Separator or Metal Detector, both present to find and/or remove metal contamination that could damage the shredder or granulator.


The Shredder Feeder and Discharge Conveyor delivers a regulated and even feed of material into a shredder or granulator.  Material is loaded via a conveyor or in batches with a manually-handled mechanical loader into the collection hopper at the bottom of the conveyor.  A slated conveyor transports the material up an incline before discharging it into a shredder or granulator.

There are several key design features of a Shredder Feeder and Discharge Conveyor including:

  • Incline angle to ensure limited roll-back of conveyed materials;
  • Conveyor width, which is dictated by the particle size of the material;


In operation, the Shredder Feeder and Discharge Conveyor features a magnetic separator or metal detector.  This ensures that the shredder or granulator is protected against tramp metal damage (which could be costly in terms of repair and downtime), whilst also preventing metal contamination being size-reduced into multiple smaller pieces, which are harder to detect and remove.  For plastic operations selling plastic regrind, the metal separation and detection equipment guarantees the metal-free quality of the end product.

The range of metal separation and removal design options include:

  • Magnetic Separators for the removal of tramp ferrous metal:
    • Plate Magnets and Suspension Magnets: Mounted over the conveyor to lift and securely hold tramp ferrous metal;
    • Overband Magnets: Mounted over the conveyor to lift and automatically remove tramp ferrous metal into a collection area or transfer conveyor;
  • Metal Detectors: The Metal Detector senses both ferrous and non-ferrous tramp metal and either stops the conveyor for manual removal or sends a signal to a reject system at the end of the conveyor for automatic removal;
    • Underbelt Metal Detector: Mounted under the conveyor and ideally suited for applications with deep and varied burden depths;
    • Tunnel-type Metal Detector: Mounted around the conveyor for enhanced detection sensitivity;
    • Optional Extra: An automatic reject system is available with both types of metal detectors.  In operation, on detection of metal, the metal detector sends a signal to a reject mounted at the end of the conveyor.  When the metal reaches the end of the conveyor, the flap moves and redirects the contaminated batch of material into a separate collection area;


Shredder Feeder and Discharge Conveyors feature in a wide range of industries including:

  • Plastic manufacturing operations;
  • Plastic and waste recycling plants;
  • General recycling plants;
  • Wood processing operations;