Record-Breaking Year for Bunting-Redditch

By Paul Fears | 03 January 2023

Bunting-Redditch registered a record-breaking sales output in 2022.  Despite the global economic challenges, the demand for Bunting’s metal separation equipment has never been higher.  Equipment sales to companies in the recycling, plastics, mining, and mineral processing sectors drove sales growth in the year.

Eddy Current Separator Module under construction at Bunting Redditch
Eddy Current Separator Module under construction at the Redditch facility

“The extension to our premises [in 2020-2021] has enabled us to make improvements in our manufacturing processes to facilitate this growth,” explained Adrian Coleman, General Manager of Bunting-Redditch.

Metal Separators for Recycling

Sales growth of Bunting’s range of equipment for the recycling industry highlighted the company’s status as a leading global supplier of magnetic separators, eddy current separators, electrostatic separators, and metal detectors.

“Sales of Eddy Current Separators exceeded all expectations in 2022,” explained Adrian.  “We have developed an excellent reputation that was never more apparent than in June when we had one of the leading metal recyclers in Europe at our Redditch plant undertaking pre-shipment tests on a triple-stage metal separation module.”

Metal separation technology developed by Bunting, including the ElectroStatic Separator and Stainless-Steel Magnetic Separators, provide separation solutions for fine metals and fragmented stainless-steel that were previously not possible.  This technology helps recyclers move closer to zero waste targets.

During the year, Bunting entertained visitors from the British Metal Recyclers (BMRA), EMR (European Metal Recyclers), and many other companies at their Customer Experience Centre.  The demonstrations and tests highlighted the separation capabilities of a wide-range of equipment.

BMRA visit Bunting-Redditch
Stainless Steel Separator demonstrations for the BMRA

Overband Magnet Evolution

Bunting was the first company to introduce the classic Permanent Overband Magnet in the 1980s.  In 2022, an increasing number of mobile and recycling plant manufacturers are sourcing the overband magnets from Bunting.

“There is a constant stream of Overband Magnets passing through our manufacturing plant,” said Adrian.

The development of the air-cooled ElectroMax and ElectroMax-Plus Overband Magnets has proven particularly successful.  Being air-cooled, the ElectroMax is both a lighter and more compact electro overband magnet than traditional oil-cooled designs without any compromise in magnetic power.  Sales have been particularly strong in the recycling and mining sectors.

Export Focus

The increased export focus, with the establishment of offices in Italy and Switzerland, contributes significantly to the sales growth.  The appointment of the experienced and well-respected Marcel Graef of 3SMI as Bunting’s agent in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland has created new export sales opportunities.

“Marcel has decades of sales experience with metal separation equipment and has been instrumental in developing business in new markets,” said Adrian.

Bunting at the K2022 Show
Bunting at the K2022 Show

Many new customers first met the Bunting team at one of the seven international exhibitions attended in the year.  The final exhibition of 2022 was the K2022 Show (Germany, October 2022), promoted as the world’s no. 1 trade fair for plastics and rubber. 

“Our visibility at globally-leading exhibitions increased our profile and introduced our equipment to companies who have since become customers,” explained Adrian.  “Exhibiting at the K2022 show highlighted the importance of the plastics sector for Bunting.”

2023 Opportunities and Challenges

“2022 started with such positivity after the pandemic, but we were then confronted by the economic turmoil caused by the war in Ukraine.  This caused material shortages and price rises,” explained Adrian.  “However, the demand for our equipment continued, with an increasing number of new customers.  As 2022 draws to a close, we [Bunting] are perfectly positioned to maintain that sales growth in 2023 and beyond.”

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