Tissue Company Installs Bunting Metal Detectors

By Paul Fears | 26 July 2021

A UK-based toilet tissue, facial tissue, and kitchen towel manufacturer has installed four (4) Bunting meTRON 07 CI Metal Detectors with integral conveyors.  With the health and safety of customers and users being paramount, the new Metal Detectors identify any final packed products contaminated with metal prior to leaving the manufacturing plant.

Bunting metal detector meTRON
Bunting meTRON 07CI Metal Detector

Upgrading Metal Detectors

As part of their ongoing plant improvement plan, the UK-based manufacturer decided to replace old existing metal detectors with new modern models.  Bunting engineers visited the site to review the application and proposed the installation of model meTRON 07CI Metal Detectors with integral conveyors.  The location of the metal detectors was prior to final packing and despatch.  To minimise the installation cost and disruption, the new replacement metal detectors needed to have similar dimensions to the in-situ equipment.

meTRON 07CI Tunnel-Type Metal Detector

The meTRON 07CI tunnel-type Metal Detector detects all metals in products conveyed through the central detection area.  In operation, a 2.5m long conveyor feeds packed toilet tissue and kitchen towel through a 650mm wide by 450mm high metal detection aperture.  Any metal present in the product causes a change in the magnetic detection field.  This registers a signal which either stops the conveyor or rejects the contaminated product into an area for further inspection.

Bunting Metal Detector
Bunting meTRON 07CI Metal Detector

The meTRON 07CI features integrated evaluation electronics to link in with the main process operating system.  The new performance benchmark for metal detection, imagePHASE, provides highly accurate metal detection with maximum reliability.  The new metal detectors detect all metals including ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel. 

The tissue manufacturer initially purchased two (2) metal detectors.  Once installed, the equipment was commissioned by Bunting’s application engineering team.  Following a successful test period, the company subsequently ordered a further two (2) metal detectors.

“We worked closely with the customer’s engineering team throughout the whole process, from enquiry through to commissioning,” explained Joe Cetti, Bunting’s Metal Detector Sales Manager.  “Our aim was to simplify the whole process, minimising any dramatic changes to the installation, and provide the best metal detection technology for their application.”

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