Large Pulley Magnets for Mining Project

By Paul Fears | 04 March 2019

Two 1.2 metre diameter Pulley Magnets have been manufactured and supplied to a mining operation in Sweden.  The Pulley Magnets are used to extract large tramp metal from iron ore prior to crushing and screening.  Removing the tramp metal protects the other processing equipment and prevents damage to conveyors.  The mining operation originally purchased three 1.2 metre diameter Pulley Magnets in 2015.  The latest two Pulley Magnets are purchased as strategic spares.

Pulley Magnets in manufacture

The 1.2 m Dia Pulley Magnets in manufacture

“This is another great export order for a mining application,” said Adrian Coleman, the General Manager of Bunting-Redditch.  “This was not a straight forward installation and we had to work closely with the user and contractor to find the best solution.”

Pulley Magnets replace standard pulleys at the head of a conveyor.  As conveyed material moves into the magnetic field of the Pulley Magnet, tramp metal is attracted and removed from the stream.  The captured metal is taken underneath and being moved out of the magnetic field, falling into a collection area.  Non-magnetic material is unaffected.  This design of magnetic separator is useful when there are difficulties in installing either Suspended Magnets or Drum Magnets.  The shaft of the Pulley Magnet is often designed to act as the drive shaft on the conveyor motor.

Application Details

In this iron ore application, the conveyors are 1.2 metres wide and travelling at 2 metres per second.  The conveyor is carrying 650 tonnes per hour of iron ore with a bulk density of 2.4 tonnes per cubic metre.  As the Pulley Magnets operate as the drive pulley, they are lagged with rubber to provide extra grip on the underside of the conveyor belt.

Pulley Magnets in manufacture

Two finished Pulley Magnets ready for packing and despatch

The Pulley Magnets have a very deep magnetic field that projects up and through the deep burden.  Even tramp metal on the top of the conveyed iron ore will be attracted and removed.  Despite the magnetic properties of the iron ore, the magnetic field is designed to only attract strongly magnetic tramp metal such as iron bars, large fixing bolts, etc.

The Pulley Magnets supplied in 2015 have proved very successful resulting in the latest purchase.

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