Middle East Fabricator Purchases Electromagnetic Sweeper

By Paul Fears | 20 May 2019

An American metal fabricator, based in the United Arab Emirates, recently received a large ElectroMagnetic Sweeper from Bunting.  The UAE-based operation designs and manufactures equipment for the local oil and gas industry.  The company acquired the Electromagnetic Sweeper to pick up any rogue ferrous metal found on the floor of the workshop, transport routes and car parks.  Metal swarf, shards and other metal originating from the manufacturing process can cause damage to vehicles (e.g. punctures) and is a health and safety issue for workers.

ElectroMagnetic Sweeper

Electromagnetic Sweeper Specifications

The large ElectroMagnetic Sweeper (Model EMRS2400) comprises of an eletromagnetic coil mounted on three-wheels and powered by a diesel generator.  The total width of the sweeper is 3.0 metres with the electromagnet 2.4 metres wide.   The sweeper has a M7 40mm diameter towing hitch for connecting to fork lift trucks or pick-up trucks.

ElectroMagnetic Sweeper
The ElectroMagnetic Sweeper Dimensions

An integrated 6.0 kVa diesel generator feeds 15.5 A and 220 Vdc to the electromagnet to generate the powerful magnetic field.  The magnetic field is turned on and off using an easily accessibly switch mounted on the centre of the electromagnet.  A rotating flashing beacon indicates when the magnet is ‘on’.

Exporting Electromagnetic Sweepers

“Our ElectroMagnetic Sweepers are sold for projects all over the world,” said Adrian Coleman, General Manager of Bunting-Redditch.  “We design the electromagnet to suit depending on what width of sweeper the client requires.”

ElectroMagnetic Sweepers are seen cleaning surfaces of ferrous metal fragments in metal fabrication operations, on airport runways, car parks, and even main roads.  The range of Magnetic Sweepers is extensive and includes smaller permanent magnet designs.

“This is another great export order,” said Adrian.  “We are working closely with the client on other projects and anticipate additional orders overt the next twelve months.”

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