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Also known as Magnetic Brooms, magnetic sweepers are perfect to clear ferrous debris off the floor, such as nuts, loose screws, metal shavings, and more, they help prevent damage to equipment and vehicles.

Industrial magnetic sweepers are available in a range of versions, including handheld sweeper brooms, forklift sweepers, towable sweepers, and worktop sweepers.

Magnetic Sweeper Models

Handheld Magnetic Sweeper Brooms:

Great to clear debris from walkaway areas in warehouses, offices, and manufacturing facilities. They can be turned off in order to allow the debris to fall into the bin, and as they are lightweight and come with a telescopic handle, they are easy to transport.

Worktop Magnetic Sweepers:

Great to clear metal shards and swarf, the handheld worktop magnetic sweeper has a very strong magnetic field, making them a great addition to work areas such as benches, workshops, and manufacturing areas.

Forklift Sweepers:

Available in a range of models, forklift magnetic sweepers or pallet truck magnetic sweepers are perfect to use in larger areas such as warehouses, car parks, and factories. These can help prevent damage to car tyres or any potential personell injuries.

Towable Sweepers:

Towable magnetic sweepers are great to clear metal debris on larger areas, such as airport runways, roads, warehouses, and factories. This kind of magnetic sweeper is suitable to be used with a range of vehicles, including cars, fork trucks, and SUVs.
Towable magnetic sweepers also offer an amazing magnetic force and can hold ferrous metals such as screws, nails, swarfs and more.

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