Towable Electro Magnetic Sweeper for Indonesian Airport

Bunting has designed and built three (3) large Towable Electro Magnetic Sweepers (model EMRS24) for cleaning an Indonesian airport runway of ferrous metal detritus. The Towable Electro Magnetic Sweeper is designed to clear ferrous debris from airport runways, roads, at shipping ports, large car parks, and large warehouses or manufacturing plants.  The magnetic force is…

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Electromagnetic Sweeper for UAE Logistics Company

Towable Electromagnetic Sweeper

A Dubai-based multinational logistics company has acquired a third Towable Electromagnetic Sweeper.  The sweeper removes ferrous metal debris from roadways, car parks, loading bays, and runways of ports, shipping yards and airports. Towable Electromagnetic Sweepers clear damaging ferrous metal debris from large surface areas such as airport runways, roads, car parks, warehouses, and factories.  Such…

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Middle East Fabricator Purchases Electromagnetic Sweeper

Middle east fabricator purchases Electro magnetic sweeper

An American metal fabricator, based in the United Arab Emirates, recently received a large ElectroMagnetic Sweeper from Bunting.  The UAE-based operation designs and manufactures equipment for the local oil and gas industry.  The company acquired the Electromagnetic Sweeper to pick up any rogue ferrous metal found on the floor of the workshop, transport routes and car…

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