Demonstrating the ElectroMax Overband Magnet’s Power

By Paul Fears | 09 June 2020

The ElectroMax Overband Magnet has proved extremely popular since the launch in May 2019. Shipments average at over one ElectroMax per month with an increasing number of mobile plant, mining and recycling companies turning to the air-cooled ElectroMax Electro-Overband Magnet as a high-performance, lightweight option to the traditional Permanent Overband Magnet.

ElectroMax Demonstrations – Seeing Is Believing

Despite the compact size and low-weight, the ElectroMax has the ability to separate difficult tramp ferrous metal. Prior to the shipment of the latest ElectroMax Overband Magnet, our engineers conducted and filmed a series of separation tests. The tests demonstrated how the ElectroMax separates different weights and sizes of ferrous tramp metal.

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In the demonstration, the ElectroMax Overband Magnet is fitted with an armoured belt. This is designed for high-wear and arduous environments and significantly reduces belt wear.

Test 1 – Small Nuts and Washers

Ferrous Nuts and washers

Separating smaller metals using an Overband Magnet is often difficult. The ferrous metals were placed on a skid board and pulled under the magnet to simulate conveyed material. The test simulated a magnet suspension height of between 350 and 400mm. The ElectroMax lifted and separated all the nuts and washers.

Test 2 – Large and Heavy Tramp Metal

Demonstrating the electromax overband magnets power

The magnetic force needed to lift and separate very large and heavy ferrous metals is considerable. The second test focused on a 6.45kg lump hammer head and a 10.15kg broken part of plant, which was a particularly awkward shape. Once again the test simulated a magnet suspension height of between 350 and 400mm. Both tramp metals were lifted and separated by the ElectroMax.

Test 3 – Medium-sized Tramp Iron

Test 3 focused on two ferrous drill bits, which were both heavy and awkward in shape. The ElectroMax lifted and separated both pieces of tramp iron.

Test 4 – Large Ferrous Ring

Ferrous Ring

The final test piece was a large 8.5kg ferrous ring. This is particularly difficult to separate as the magnetic attractive force in only induced into the outer ferrous metallic component, with the centre being empty. For this particular test, the suspension height was raised to 450-500mm. Once again, the large ferrous ring was successfully lifted and separated.

ElectroMax Power

The tests demonstrate the ability of the ElectroMax to separate a wide range of tramp ferrous metals despite being more compact and lighter than many other Electro Overband Magnets with similar separation capabilities.

The ElectroMax Overband Magnet is an addition to Bunting’s extensive range of Permanent and Electro Overband Magnets, and are often used in conjunction with other Magnetic Separators and Eddy Current Separators.

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