Sartorius MDE-C 70×25

Metal Detector for applications requiring high sensitivity detection needed in industries including food processing, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.  In operation, a conveyor moves the product through the metal detector aperture.  Any metal contamination in the product alters the magnetic field produced by the metal detector which outputs a signal to operate an alarm and/or to stop the conveyor.  The MDE-C model is designed to detect +2mm ferrous metals and +2.5mm stainless steel.


Product:Sartorius MDE-C 70×25 Metal Detector
Model:MDE-C 70 x 25
Description:High sensitivity metal detector for protection against metal contamination in high risk products such as food (both loose and packaged) and pharmaceuticals.
Type:High sensitivity tunnel metal detector.
Applications:Food, Pharmaceuticals, Other high-risk products
Installation:Designed for installation over a conveyor to detect all metal contaminants.
Sensing Width:700mm
Aperture Height:250mm
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