Towable Electro Magnetic Sweeper for Indonesian Airport

By Paul Fears | 20 March 2024

Bunting has designed and built three (3) large Towable Electro Magnetic Sweepers (model EMRS24) for cleaning an Indonesian airport runway of ferrous metal detritus.

The Towable Electro Magnetic Sweeper is designed to clear ferrous debris from airport runways, roads, at shipping ports, large car parks, and large warehouses or manufacturing plants.  The magnetic force is produced by an optimally-designed electromagnetic block, which generates a deep and powerful magnetic force to lift and hold large and small ferrous metals.

In operation, the Towable Electro Magnetic Sweeper is easily attached to the rear of a vehicle such as a service vehicle or SUV.  The main magnetic block is mounted on two heavy-duty wheels with an easily connectable tow hitch. In operation, ferrous metal debris is lifted off the floor onto the magnet face.  Local controls mounted within the vehicle cab enable the operator to switch the magnet off and release any captured ferrous metal debris.

Bunting's Towable Electromagnetic Sweeper.
Towable Electromagnetic Sweeper

Towable Electro Magnetic Sweepers are suitable for use outdoors at an optimum towing speed of between 5-6mph.  The Towable Magnetic Sweeper is available in a range of widths between 1200mm and 2440mm wide, although bespoke designs are also available.

The three Electro Magnetic Sweepers built for Indonesia all have a magnetic width of 2440mm and weight approximately 1500 kg each.  The electromagnet is powered by a 220VAC generator with gasoline driven Honda engine mounted in a protective framework.  The start and stop push button is fitted with auto reverse to lift the magnet and drop captured tramp ferrous metal.  A rotating flash beacon, mounted on top of the control panel, indicates when the magnet is magnetized and operating.

“We design and build Towable Electromagnetic Sweepers for airports around the world,” explained Phil Tree, Bunting’s Technical Sales Manager.  “This is a practical method of clearing runways of ferrous metal detritus and preventing dame to aircraft tyres.”

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