UK Compost Producer Purchases Fifth Overband Magnet

By chameleon | 31 July 2014

White Moss Horticulture is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of quality compost and growing media.  All the products are made from recycled green materials.  They operate major production facilities in both the North and South of the UK.  These strategic locations, unique in the industry, allow for efficient national distribution to satisfy the largest retailers’ demands.

wood recycling machinery

The recycled green materials, including wood, often contains nails, screws and other ferrous contaminants.  Effective removal is required to ensure a sale-able end product.

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The Recycling Process

As with any recycling process, there are a number of stages that enable to production of a good quality finished product.  These are:

  1. Size reduction: the feed material is shredded;
  2. Size separation:  a Trommel Screen is used to separate the fines material from the oversize.  The oversize is then fed back to the shredder;
  3. Metal removal: the fines material is conveyed away from the Trommel and under an Overband Magnet.  The Magnet lifts and removes ferrous metals, discarding them into a skip.

The recycling process and overband magnets

Within the process, White Moss have five (5) Mastermag Overband Magnets.

Customer Feedback

White Moss Horticulture’s Site Manager Andy explained his reason for using Bunting:

“Being able to remove all of the ferrous contamination from our compost is vital to our business.  We supply compost to the retail sector and we must ensure that our products are free from contamination and safe for customer use.  We have purchased various sizes of Overband Magnets from them in the past for use on our production lines and Trommel screens and have never had any issues.  Their guidance, service and expertise in this area are second to none and we have no hesitation in recommending them to others in our industry.”

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