International Electronics Recycling Congress 2019

By Paul Fears | 09 January 2019

Talking Magnetic Separators at IERC 2019

The Bunting Magnetics and Master Magnets team are exhibiting (stand 17) at this month’s 18th International Electronics Recycling Congress IERC 2019 (January 16-18, Salzburg, Austria).

IERC 2019 is an important biennial event on the recycling industry calendar, bringing together international producers, recyclers, equipment manufacturers, recycling associations, refurbishers, standards bodies, NGOs, and regulators.  The experts will discuss the latest recycling technologies, regulations, manufacturing processes and value of raw materials.

The congress is held at a time when new EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) targets are introduced.  As from January 2019, there is a target of collecting 65% of the weight of all new products placed onto the market in the past three years.  This is a rise from 45%.  The United Kingdom is one of several European countries struggling to reach the new targets.

Waste phones

Separation Key To Recycling

Collection is only one part of the process.  Establishing recycling plants with the right technology to enable optimum product breakdown and then separation is vital.  Technological advances continue to evolve, enabling an increasing amount of material to be recovered and reused.

At IERC 2019, our team will be assisting recycling companies with improving the separation and recovery of metal.

Non Ferrous Metal Recovery

There are two designs of Eddy Current Separator used in the recycling of WEEE.  The Eddy Current Separator design is dictated by the particle size and the separation objective.

Stainless Steel and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Separation

Stainless Steel and PCB Separation

The HISC and SSSC Magnetic Separators have an exceptionally strong magnetic roll that enables the separation and recovery of weakly magnetic materials.  Originally designed for the separation of Stainless Steel, whilst in operation at WEEE plants the Magnetic Separators are found to also separate PCBs.

“This is our second time exhibiting at the congress,” explained Simon Ayling, Bunting Magnetics’ Managing Director.  “Back in 2017, we had just introduced the first Stainless Steel Separator into the market.  Since then, the number of installations has expanded significantly.  We have been able to further develop the technology using our practical onsite experiences.  This has led to the development of a second version of the Stainless Steel Separator for the separation of larger metal.”

The rising European targets for WEEE recycling is driving the development of separation technology.  This highlights the importance of IERC 2019 when industry experts can meet and share their knowledge.

“We are working closely with recycling companies right across Europe,” said Simon.  “At our laboratory in Redditch, we are continually testing material.  IERC provides another ideal opportunity to discuss methods and technology to maximise the separation and recovery of metals and magnetically susceptible materials.”

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