Magnetic Separator and Metal Detector Growth in 2018

By Paul Fears | 10 January 2019

UK Manufacturing Success for Master Magnets

Sales and enquiries for magnetic separators and metal detectors hit new highs in 2018.  A 25% sales growth for the European Bunting Magnetics operation came two years after the Master Magnets acquisition in January 2017.

Adrian Coleman and Simon Ayling at RWM 18

Adrian Coleman and Simon Ayling on the stand at RWM 18

“It has been an incredible year,” said our General Manager, Adrian Coleman.  “Demand has been higher than ever before and it has been thrilling to see our manufacturing shop floor very busy for the vast majority of the twelve months.”

The European operation of Bunting Magnetics includes Bunting Magnetics Europe, Master Magnets, and eMagnets UK.

Investing In Manufacturing

Productivity and improving our manufacturing facility has been a focus in 2018.  For larger 2m long SSSC Stainless Steel Separator rotors, we purchased and installed a large grinding machine.  To manage the increased demand for Electro Magnets, we built a new coil-winding machine.  We expanded our welding facilities and acquired new testing equipment for surface finishes.

“Investing in our manufacturing helps us improve and expand our production capacity,” explained Adrian.

Being a Recognised Market Leader

2018 proved to be a year when Master Magnets consolidated their position as a global leading supplier of equipment to the mineral processing, ceramics and recycling industries.

Coltan Processing using Magnetic Disc Separator

Magnetic Disc Separator (MDS) installed in a Nigerian coltan processing operation

At the Ceramitec exhibition in April, a Turkish ceramics manufacturer purchased two new High Intensity Magnetic Filters at the show.  Several Magnetic Disc Separators (MDS) were manufactured in 2018, including a model MDS3-375 for a Coltan processing plant in Nigeria.

“Our reputation as a supplier of high intensity magnetic separation equipment for the mineral processing industry has been established over several decades,” said Adrian.  “At our Test Laboratory in Redditch we have one of the world’s most extensive ranges of mineral processing magnetic separators.  In 2018, we manufactured a new laboratory-sized high intensity magnetic filter for the processing of ceramic and mineral slurries.  This expands our testing capabilities.”

In the recycling sector, large Magnetic Scrap Drums have been manufactured for car fragmentation plants in the USA.  Sales for Eddy Current Separators reached new record levels, with an average of three systems despatched each month.  Additionally, just under 1000 Overband Magnets were built and despatched in 2018.

A New Recycling-Focused Testing Facility

The construction of a new mezzanine floor, for an extended Testing Facility, was started at the end of 2018.  The new testing facility was required due to an increasing demand for testing on equipment including the Eddy Current Separator and Stainless-Steel Separator.

Recycling Test Area

New Recycling Test Area at Master Magnets

The extended Testing Facility is approximately 120 sqm.  Construction is scheduled for completion in January 2019.

“When exhibiting at IFAT (Germany) and being front of house at RWM (UK), there was a high level of interest in our metal separation equipment,” explained Adrian.  “With the changing recycling landscape, there has never been a greater need for high performance metal separation.  Since September, we have been constantly testing materials.  The new Testing Facility will house a range of equipment and expand our testing capabilities.  Customers will be able to bring samples and test on a full range of equipment.”

Being Present In The Market

The focus on attending exhibitions and supporting overseas representatives continued in 2018.  The Bunting Magnetics and Master Magnets team exhibited at 13 events across Europe.  The exhibitions and conferences covered a wide range of industries including recycling, mineral processing, ceramics, and plastics.

Sales Success

Sales of Metal Detectors hit record highs in 2018.  The expansion of the range opened up new markets.  Metal Detectors are widely used in most process industries, with particular growth in the plastics, quarrying, food, and recycling sectors.

Metal Detector in a quarry

Metal Detector in a quarry

Another large export order, for three large Air Cooled Electro Suspension Magnets, is for a project with a global car manufacturer in the USA.

“As a group of companies, under the Bunting Magnetics umbrella, we are able to fulfil our potential,” said Adrian.  “We have an experienced and loyal workforce who have performed magnificently in 2018.  We are well-positioned for another exception year in 2019.”

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