Magnetic Separator Success at Ceramitec 2018

By Paul Fears | 16 April 2018

With Master Magnets being the only specialist Magnetic Separation company exhibiting at Ceramitec 2018 (April 10-13), the stand was continually busy for the whole 4 days of the exhibition.

electro magnetic filter

“It has been a hectic and very successful 4 days,” said Jonathan Millington, Master Magnets Marketing Manager.  “We have received enquiries from ceramics producers and mineral processors from all around the world.”

Range of Magnetic Separators

On the stand, Master Magnets displayed a wide Range of Magnetic Separators used to remove fine iron and paramagnetic minerals from slips, glazes, ceramic raw materials, and spray dried powders.  Of particular interest was the Electro Magnetic Filter, an automated self-clean, high intensity magnetic system for removing fine iron from ceramic slips and glazes.

“On day 3, we met a delegation from a Turkish Ceramics producer,” said Jonathan.  “After explaining the operating parameters of the Electro Magnetic Filter and the benefits in terms of the high magnetic field and self-cleaning of the central iron-capturing matrix, they ordered 2 units.  We would not have secured that order unless we had been at the exhibition.”

Ceramic 2018

The highest level of interest over the 4 days was in the removal of iron from slips and glazes in a wet state.  As well as the Electro Magnetic Filter, visitors were interested in high strength, Rare Earth, permanent magnet Liquid Pipeline Separators.

Purifying ceramic raw materials, such as feldspar and silica sand, were also hot discussion topics.  These materials are processed in both wet and dry states, although dry high intensity magnetic separators such as Rare Earth Rolls and Induced Magnetic Rolls are commonly used.  Many of the mineral processing companies have arranged to send samples for testing in the Master Magnets technical laboratory in Birmingham, UK.  The controlled tests will determine the level of purity possible when weakly and para magnetic minerals are removed and be the basis for process guarantees.

Jonathan was thrilled with the show.  “Ceramitec has always been the major show for the ceramics sector and is well supported by exhibitors and visitors from all over the world.  We are really looking forward to working with everyone who visited our stand and ensure that their product is iron-free.”

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