Electro Overband Magnets Protect Waste Shredders

By chameleon | 12 August 2013

Recovering Ferrous Metals from waste product streams is a vital part of any recycling process. Many of UKs recycling centres are focused on upgrading their metal separation equipment to reduce landfill and thus costs, and to protect any downstream processing equipment from large damaging metals.

Electro overband magnets protect waste shredders

Ferrous Metal Causes Costly Damage

In one recycling project, a large waste management company in Lancashire contacted us as they were experiencing problems with large ferrous metals damaging their residual shredders. This problem had become critical after a flywheel, hidden in the waste, had entered the shredder and caused considerable damage.  The repair costs were estimated to be considerable (+£10,000).

The company had two recycling sites in Lancashire and they were looking to install some  large Electromagnetic Overbands Separators at both locations. The magnets would need to be capable of extracting large ferrous objects from their product stream, before they reached the shredders.

In order to help determine the customer’s exact requirements, our engineers accompanied the customer to the midlands based recycling site SB Waste, which already had a range of Mastermag Overbands in operation.

Overband Magnet processing Plant

After seeing an Electro Overband Magnet working on site and witnessing the ferrous metal extraction capabilities, the company was confident that Master Magnets were the right suppliers for the job and instructed them to design and manufacture their two units.

Both machines are now installed at the Lancashire sites and are working very well at removing any large contaminants that could cause any further damage and disruptions.

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