Mastermag Supplies ECS To Spanish Metal Recycler

By chameleon | 08 September 2016

Master Magnets have recently worked very closely with one of Spain’s leading plant and equipment manufacturers Cometel S.A. to supply an Eddy Current Separator, as part of a new processing line being installed at a scrap metal plant in the North of Spain.  Eddy Current Separators continue to be a sound investment, with payback periods often being met within 12 months of installation.


To clarify the expected efficiency of the Eddy Current Separator process with the end user, a Master Magnets Sales Engineer visited the scrap processing plant to view the existing process and obtain some samples of the material fractions for assessment in Master Magnet’s UK test facility.

An Eddy Current Separator was to be utilised in processing two separate fractions of scrap metal material that had been pre-screened from 0-20mm and 20-80mm. For the finer fraction, an Eccentric ECS was recommended to be the most suitable solution, with its ability to process non-ferrous particles down to 4mm. The latest Master Magnets Eddy Currents also benefit from a multi-adjustment material diverter to maximise fine non-ferrous recovery.

Following the site visit and test work the customer placed an order with Master Magnets for an Eddy Current Separator complete with Vibratory Feeder and High Intensity Rare Earth Drum magnet for fine ferrous extraction and ECS rotor protection. Following delivery to Spain a Master Magnets engineer assisted   the commissioning to ensure a successful installation and customer satisfaction.

Sales Engineer, Jonathan Millington explained:  “An Eddy Currents performance not only depends on a number of key machine specifications, but is also largely down to how the feed material is presented to the rotor. In order for non-ferrous metals to efficiently repel from the rotor over the material diverter, they must be free and liberated from any non-metallic materials being processed.”

The purpose of the Vibratory Feeder is to ensure the material is evenly spread into a single layer across the full width of the Eddy Current Separator conveyor. The feeder speed, conveyor belt speed and rotor speed can all be adjusted to optimise the separation of any given material.

Following the commissioning of the machine earlier this year, the customer has been very satisfied with the metal recovery and the general performance of the machine.


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