Handheld Magnetic Sweeper Brooms

Handheld Magnetic Sweepers or Magnetic Brooms clear ferrous metal debris (e.g. nails, tacks, nuts, bolts, paperclips and metal shavings) from floor and walkway areas such as in garages, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and storage areas. 

In a more rural setting, farriers and horse owners use the Handheld Magnetic Sweeper for removing nails and other metal objects from bedding and courtyards, thus reducing the risk of foot injuries to horses.

The Handheld Magnetic Sweeper Broom is available online via the e-Magnets website.  For further details, please contact us on 01527 65858 or email Barry on sales.redditch@buntingmagnetics.com

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Handheld Magnetic Sweeper Broom

The Handheld Magnetic Sweeper consists of a lightweight, stainless-steel encased permanent magnetic block mounted between two robust rubber wheels with puncture proof-tyres. In operation, the handle is fully extended and twisted to lock into position before the Magnetic Sweeper is pushed over the area requiring cleaning. Ferrous metal debris is attracted up and held onto the magnet face.

Once the cleaning is complete, the Magnetic Sweeper is taken to a bin where captured magnetic debris is discharged from the magnet face by pulling the handle mechanism without any need to touch the captured metal.

The fully extended height is 1100mm and the width of the magnetic block is 350mm housed within a 400mm wide casing. The Handheld Magnetic Sweeper lifts up to 5kgs of ferrous metal debris.

Handheld Magnetic Sweepers Brooms
Handheld Magnetic Sweeper Dimensions