3 Exhibitions In 3 Weeks

By Paul Fears | 18 July 2018

After exhibiting at 3 trade shows in 3 weeks, we review each show and question whether there needs to be better planning of major trade exhibitions in the UK.

Hillhead 2018 (26th to 28th June 2018)

The 3-day show, in a quarry just outside Buxton, Derbyshire, UK, focuses on the quarry, aggregate, mining and recycling sectors and is held every two years.

Master Magnets at Hillhead

“This has always been one of our most important exhibitions,” said Jonathan Millington, Master Magnets’ Marketing Manager.  “We’ve been exhibiting at the show nearly since the beginning and have seen it grow into a truly international event.”  This year, Hillhead reported record attendance figures.

“The weather was fantastic, if not a little too hot, and there was good footfall,” said Jonathan.  On the Master Magnets stand was an Overband Magnet and Metal Detector, both used to remove tramp metal and protect processing equipment such as screens, conveyors and crushers.

“Hillhead continues to be an important event and we believe that the staging of the show every two years keeps it fresh and successful.  We are already looking forward to 2020 and hope the weather is repeated!”

WASTE’18 (5th July 2018)

The 1-day show relocated in 2018 to a new venue at the Warwickshire Event Centre in Leamington Spa, UK.  Master Magnets and Bunting Europe were the headline sponsors of the show.

Master magnets at WASTE '18

“The WASTE’18 show is evolving and the attendance was not as good as in previous years both in exhibition and visitors terms,” said Jonathan.  “The fact that WASTE’18 was only a week after Hillhead meant that some exhibitors were unable to be at both shows and so the planning and timing of exhibitions needs to be looked at.  Despite the disappointing attendance, we met a number of new contacts and are helping them address their metal separation problems.”

On the stand at the WASTE’18 show, the team were demonstrating metal separation on the Eddy Current Separator (for non-ferrous metal separation) and the Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator.  “Demonstrating what separation was possible made a huge difference and will continue to be a key priority for future shows.”

CARS Expo (11th to 12th July 2018)

The 3rd exhibition was the CARS (Complete Auto Recycling) Expo held at the NAEC in Stoneleigh, UK.  Once again the focus was on demonstration with an operating Eddy Current Separator and Stainless Steel Separator on the stand.

Master Magnets at CARS

“The attendance at the show was lower than expected,” said Jonathan.  “This was the third show in 3 weeks for some exhibitors and visitors and it may have been one too many.”

Once again, despite the lower than expected footfall, there were a number of good quality leads.

Was 3 Exhibitions in 3 Weeks Too Much?

“It has been a tough 3 weeks,” said Jonathan.  “Exhibiting at key trade shows is an important part of our marketing strategy and we are now working with customers who we would have never met had it not been for the shows.  However, the organisers need to review their planning.  It may be that annual exhibitions become biennial, with a different show every other year.  We are unsure whether there are enough new announcements to justify yearly exhibitions.  Interestingly the most well attended and popular show was Hillhead, which is biennial.

There is no doubt that having 3 major trade shows in 3 consecutive weeks resulted in lower numbers of exhibitors and visitors.  We hope that the organisers give careful consideration to their future planning to prevent another repeat of this congested exhibition schedule.”

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