Magnetic Separator & Metal Detector Solution, Hillhead 2018

By Paul Fears | 06 June 2018

On stand C9 at Hillhead 2018, Master Magnets will be demonstrating how the combination of Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors is the best way to protect crushers, screens and conveyors from damage caused by metal.

Overband Magnet

Permanent Overband Magnet

Removing the ferrous or magnetic metal is the first step taken to protect processing plant.  This is commonly achieved using either a Permanent Overband Magnet or Electro Overband Magnet.

The Permanent Overband Magnet is one of the most commonly used magnetic separators and is used on mobile crushers, suspended over conveyors in quarries and mines, and is used to recover steel beverage cans and other metals in recycling plants.  At Hillhead, Master Magnets will be displaying examples of both the self-clean (i.e. with a revolving belt that automatically removes the captured metal) and manual-clean Permanent Overband Magnets.

Metal Detectors are often positioned after magnetic separators to protect processing plant against damage from non-ferrous metals.  This could be in the form of digger teeth, drill rods, crusher plates, bars, chains, nuts and bolts, other manganese steel parts; which are all extremely hazardous to crushers, shredders and other types of processing machinery.

Master Magnets manufacture the Metal Detection range and will have the TN77 and QTA Metal Detectors on display at Hillhead.

Metal Detector TN77

The electronic TN77 Metal Detector is a tunnel-type unit installed onto conveyor systems.  The TN77 is one of the most commonly installed Metal Detectors in quarries and mines, enabling a continuous inspection of any non-metallic or non-conductive material and identifying tramp iron and manganese steel.

The Master Magnets team will also be talking to visitors about the ‘Mastertrax’ Mobile Eddy Current Separator.  The ‘Mastertrax’ incorporates a 1500mm wide High-Intensity Concentric ECS along with a Rare Earth Drum Magnet, providing separation of ferrous and non-ferrous particles down to 5mm.  Optimum operating settings will enable users to process up to 25TPH, depending on material density.  The machine comes with crawler tracks, an on-board diesel generator and hydraulic power pack, allowing for easy site manoeuvrability and can be transported on a low loader trailer without permits.

Additionally information on other metal separation equipment including Eddy Current Separators, Drum Magnets and Pulley Magnets will be available on the stand.

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