Ceramics UK 2019 Show Success

By Paul Fears | 15 July 2019

The last UK-based ceramics focused exhibition was staged in Telford, UK over twenty years ago.  In July 2019, once again in Telford, the new Ceramics UK show once again thrust ceramics into the spotlight, providing the perfect showcase for the sector.  Ceramics UK was co-located in Telford, UK with The Advanced Materials Show.

Electro Magnetic Filter at Ceramics UK 2019

Electro Magnetic Filter at Ceramics UK 2019

Over twenty years the ceramics sector has evolved.  The United Kingdom was once one of the leading producers of tableware, tiles, sanitaryware, and figurines, but many producers found it impossible to compete with the low-cost producers in the Far East.  However, the ceramics sector evolved and the manufacturing knowledge is being applied in the ever-expanding area of technical ceramics.

Ceramics Contaminated by Iron

Iron contamination in ceramics is a problem faced by all producers.  The iron naturally occurs in the raw materials used in the production of ceramics (e.g. feldspar and silica) or introduced during the manufacturing process.  Removing such iron contamination is critical as it causes structural defects, visual blemishes and affects the surface finish.

“At the Ceramics UK show, we were the only company exhibiting Magnetic Separation equipment to remove iron contamination,” explained Phil Tree, Bunting-Redditch’s Sales Manager.  “We have a long history of working closely with the ceramics industry and their mineral suppliers.  At the show, we were able to talk with engineers about their iron impurity problems and propose solutions.”

Laboratory Rare Earth Roll Separator at Ceramics UK 2019

Laboratory Rare Earth Roll Separator at Ceramics UK 2019

Following the show, many visitors to the stand are sending samples to the test laboratory in Redditch, UK.  The materials, including spray dried ceramics, will be processed on several different high intensity magnetic separators.  The tests will confirm the level of iron separation.

“We have a wealth of experience of supplying magnetic separators to the ceramics sector,” explained Phil.  “We have supplied Electro Magnetic Filters for cleaning slips and glazes, Tube Magnet arrangements for glazing lines, and Rare Earth Roll Separators for removing free iron from spray dried ceramics.  The controlled tests in our laboratory will confirm the separation capabilities.”

Technical Presentations

Alongside the exhibition area at Ceramics UK were two conference zones where industry experts presented papers on a wide range of topics.  Prof Neil Rowson from University of Birmingham and the laboratory manager of Bunting-Redditch joined other industry professionals including Andrew McDermott of the British Ceramics Confederation to discuss ‘Bringing together Industry and Academia – Challenges and Opportunities’.  Prof Rowson also presented well-received a paper on ‘Magnetic Separators in the Ceramics Industry’.

Prof Neil Rowson speaking at Ceramics UK 2019

Prof Neil Rowson speaking at Ceramics UK 2019

“It is great to have a UK-based ceramics show and there was a real positive atmosphere over the two-days,” said Phil.  “Ceramics UK proved to be a great success and we are looking forward to exhibiting in 2020.”

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