Where to see Bunting-Redditch in 2024

By Paul Fears | 08 January 2024

Bunting’s magnetic separators, eddy current separators, metal detectors, and electrostatic separators are on tour again in 2024.  As of January 2024, Bunting-Redditch is exhibiting at the following shows and conferences:

Ceramitec 2024 (9-12 April 2024 – Munich, Germany

Ceramitec is the leading international trade fair for the ceramics industry. Ceramic engineers and specialists convene from around the world to see the latest developments in ceramic processes and manufacturing techniques, as well as advanced equipment including high intensity magnetic separators. On stand A6 323D Stefano Maiaroli will be joined by Marcel Graf of 3SMI to assist ceramic producers on limiting the impact of ferro and para magnetic minerals and reducing product rejects and rework. This is achieved using technology such as the Electro Magnetic Filter.

Electro Magnetic Filter

IFAT (13-17 May 2024 – Munich, Germany)

IFAT is the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management.  Bunting return to exhibit at the show in 2024, with working production-scale metal separation equipment featuring on stand B6.241/340.  Such demonstrations show the ability to recover weakly magnetic stainless-steel and separate small non-ferrous metal particles. 

Bunting Redditch at IFAT 2022

IFAT provides the opportunity for the Bunting team to meet with recycling companies and advise on the best techniques for optimum metal recovery or separation using magnetic and electrostatic separation technology.

UK Mining Conference in Cornwall (12-13 June 2024 – The Princess Pavilion, Falmouth, UK)

The UK Mining Conference brings together the mining community in a traditional mining region of the UK. The conference highlights opportunities to responsibly extract the abundance of metals and minerals in the UK, recap on work undertaken so far and illustrate the potential investment opportunities that lie ahead. Bunting is exhibiting at the event and provides decades of experience in providing magnetic separation solutions to mining and mineral processing companies with technology including overband magnets and a range of high-intensity magnetic separators.

Hillhead (25-27 June 2024 – Hillhead Quarry, Buxton, UK)

Hillhead is the UK’s largest exhibition for the quarrying, construction and recycling sectors.  For the 11th consecutive time, Bunting is exhibiting at the show.  And, once again, Bunting is located on the ramp leading down into the quarry, on stand C9. 

The Bunting Redditch stand at Hillhead 2022

Bunting’s focus at the show is the removal of tramp metal, both ferrous and non-ferrous, from quarried and recycled aggregate using Overband Magnetic Separators such as the popular ElectroMax and Industrial Metal Detectors.

e-Waste World Conference & Expo (26-27 June 2024 – Frankfurt, Germany)

Bunting returns to exhibit at the e-Waste World Conference and Expo, Europe’s leading event for electronics recycling.  Over 54 million metric tons of electronic waste is generated annually (2019 data).  Without successful recycling, many valuable and precious metals and materials are lost to landfill.  On stand C60 at the conference and expo, Bunting is showcasing the technology used to separate and recover some of these precious metals.  The technology includes the advanced ElectroStatic Separator, used for fine metal recovery.  Different models of Eddy Current Separator enable the recovery of large and small non-ferrous metals.  And ferrous metals are recovered using low and high intensity Magnetic Separators.

Seeing Is Believing

In 2024, Bunting continues to showcase and demonstrate separation equipment at international shows as well as at their Customer Experience Centre in Redditch, UK.  The team looks forward to meeting existing and new clients at the shows.

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