Eddy Current Separator Health Check

By Paul Fears | 29 July 2019

A ‘Health Check’ is defined as ‘an examination to determine whether a person or animal is suffering from illness or injury’, but we also apply it to the Eddy Current Separator.  In many recycling operations, the Eddy Current Separator is a vital part of the process.  The aluminium and non-ferrous metals recovered on the Eddy Current Separator generate important income that, in some cases, ensures the economically sustainable operation of the plant.

Two Eddy Current Separator

Two Eddy Current Separator Separation Systems

Eddy Current Separator Separation

With a planned maintenance schedule or ‘Health Check’, adjustments and repairs are made to keep equipment running smoothly and efficiently.  Such preventative action reduces potential equipment downtime.  The Health Check often takes place during the annual plant maintenance shutdown, or when the plant is non-operational such as on a weekend.

What is Checked?

The Eddy Current Separator is a dual pulley conveyor with a high strength and high speed magnetic rotor rotating independently inside the shell of the head pulley.  The arduous environment of the recycling and waste sector means that all equipment faces the possibility of wear and damage.  During a planned ‘Health Check’, qualified engineers check the integrity of the conveyor belt and non-metallic shell of the head pulley.  Inner and outer bearings are also checked.  In addition, engineers check the set-up of the Eddy Current Separator ensuring that the material feed to the separator is even.  Changes upstream in the plant may have altered the capacity or size of material passing over the Eddy Current Separator.

Assembly of an eddy current system

An Eddy Current Separation System in the final stages of assembly

If a repair is required, the engineers either carry-out the work onsite or, if needed, arrange shipment to the Master Magnets manufacturing facility in Redditch, UK.  With an extensive range of spares kept in stock, the repair to the equipment is undertaken as quickly as possible and returned to site.  In most cases, this turnaround is undertaken before the plant is once again operational.

Such preventative planning often forms part of the quality management process.  With regular checks, plant downtime due to equipment damage is limited.  Also, preventative measures identify issues before they become costly problems.

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