Magnetic Separation at Bunting

Magnetic separation is the process of separating magnetic materials from non-magnetic particles. Magnetic separators are designed to separate a variety of materials at various levels of separation.

Types of magnetic separation equipment

Here at Bunting, we use a wide variety of magnetic separation equipment to separate ferrous materials.

These include but are not limited to:

Overband Magnets

Overband magnets are used to remove tramp ferrous metal, they are available in both permanent and electromagnetic designs. Thanks to recent investments in manufacturing techniques and magnet technology, the most comprehensive range of performance driven overband magnets are now on offer.

We currently keep the most popular models in stock, we supply all industries, and we have the overband magnet to suit your purpose.

Eddy Current Separators

Widely used in the recycling industry, the Eddy Current separator is used to recover or remove non-ferrous metals from non-magnetic materials.

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying Eddy current separators, Bunting has developed both concentric and eccentric rotor designs.

Suspension Magnets

Permanent and electromagnetic suspension magnets separate tramp ferrous metal from conveyors. Suspension magnet models are available in a wide range of configurations to suit any application.

The two types of suspension magnets available are:

Electro suspension magnet and permanent suspension magnets (bipolar and tripolar designs)

Bullet magnets

In many vertical gravity-fed installations, bullet magnets are used to remove ferrous particles from free-flowing dry products. These are easy to install and are for pipe diameters from 100 up to 500mm, food standard options are available.

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The products listed above are just a small range of the magnetic separators we have, if you would like to talk to our professional and knowledgeable team about magnetic separation, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01527 65858 or fill in one of our contact forms below and we will get back to you.